Sunday, July 11, 2010

How To Survive Being The Other Woman

Dear Reader,

You would think there isn't much to worry about when you are the other woman because the world wants to believe that being the "Other Woman" is an easy thing to do.  We just lay on our backs, spread our legs and let our lover fuck us.  Then he goes home to his wife and family.  Ah!  If it were only that easy!

There are several aspects to consider in all of this:

  1. Life before being "Other Woman"
  2. The beginning of the affair.
  3. During the affair.
  4. Ending the affair by either breaking up or becoming the primary relationship.
  5. The aftermath of the affair.
Unless you have gone through this, you think you know all there is to know about it but you know nothing.  It's amazing how many people make their judgements and suppositions regarding an affair and especially the "Other Woman".  Most of them are so way off in truth that it is scary!

The one real truth in all of it is that there is a lot of pain involved with this type of relationship.  Is it worth it?  That my dear reader is the $64,000 question!